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Help, how do I recover my account

I have lost my account, what can I do, I do not have Facebook support, nor Game Center


And email


Hey alexandra_rojas, please reach out to our support team through the email address provided by Sixty-Four, and our team would be happy to assist you further with your account.

If you remember the support key from your previous game account, make sure to include it in your email as it would help our team find you quicker in their system.


Hello, I have already communicated with the support but I still have no answer, I only have my username and the number that accompanies it

El El mar, 15 de oct. de 2019 a la(s) 11:39, Ned via Ludia Forums escribiĂł:

That shouldn’t be a problem. Once our team gets a chance to see your email, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can.