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Help ! how to be dominating!😭😭😭

all my dinosaurs are exhausted, i only have about 1200 dollars and i’m about the 55th of dilophosaurus gen 2 and the 65th of titanoboa, here are my dinosaurs, do you have any idea for me to win this 6 day league!

(his images date before the league)

I would advise you not to use your dino bucks yet. There’s the whole week, and the trophy count cutoff hopefully does not go higher than 1800 similar to last time. Save the cash for the last day if necessary.

As you have a week you can chill and play, and don’t be afraid if you drop to Predator in between.


Thank you @Jurassic_Fury :grin:

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They are a week long. You might be in pred tomorrow but u can get back up to dominator easily. The tourneys are slow progression to 1 week long