Help i am looking for allience

emm yeah i got kicked my alliance IDKW
And I am a level 20 player which is super active so if there is any alliance pls help me

Not sure if you will be interested in my alliance, it’s called Long Neck Challenge. Our weekly alliance incubators are at Ranks 8 and 9 respectively, and we got tournament Tier 6 last season.

However, Discord is mandatory for joining us. And we need you to actually be active on there.

Last of all, would you mind sharing your team line-up in the game?

Sorry mae i already joined one but thanx anyway

hi I’m actually looking for an alliance too but because of personal problems I can only be online every other weekend starting this weekend I have no trouble joining on discord but the same rules apply to discord as with JWA I’m sorry the problems are completely out of my control.

If you can only play 2 days every two weeks, you’ll want to join a team with 0 requirements/expectations.