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Help. I have 3 hours to do this trade

So if I do this trade

I can finally get the 30 million food mission done. The problem is I’m missing 13 million coins and I need to make them in roughly 3 hours. My dinos will probably make dunno. 4ish milion?

The question is. What custom trade should I make to get the most coins?

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Sell all of your buildings and decorations.


I use to build JH statues as a coin bank when on max coins due to this.

Now, I just got so many coins I don’t care.


Pretty much this ^

Buildings are absolutely useless at earning coins (the best building is far worse than the lowest coin producing dino).

Sell any and all decorations maybe in the last few minutes of the trade being available.

Don’t use or buy the lower level decorations. I have a guide to the best decorations available to use.

If you can’t get the 13 million then start investing in more (worthwhile) decorations and park layouts that increase coin production.