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Help I lost my account! PLS HELP MEE

So i was going to go to dart the compsocaulus and then I realize the game was deleted, and then i go to play store and says I need to install it again, and i didnt have any google play or facebook, could there be any way so I could get back my progress…?

Pls help me that thing had 2 years of progress…


I’m sorry that happened, BlackDoggy. If you haven’t already, please send an email to our support team at Our team would be more than happy to try and help you with your account recovery.

Where can I receive the answer?
I went to the support page and contact them there
so where can i receive the answer?

I think you may have to wait

I believe you would e-mail them directly to the email address Ned provided. You would presumably send this from your e-mail account and you would receive an e-mail response from them. Although sometimes Support may take them a while to respond (this is true of many companies, not just Ludia).

Hey BlackDoggy, if you had reached out to our support team through email, our team will respond back to you through the email address you had used. Please make sure to check the spam/junk folder in your email as well.