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Help I lost my account


hi … with the new update I lost my account, level 9 with 60 dinosaurs and I have to start all over again … I like the game and lose everything so I’m sorry … there is a way to recover the lost account? there must be a way … thanks for the availability I hope you can help me … with the faq does not fade the recovery.I have everything, player profile name, is connected to game center, I have customer support code, even how many darts coins I had …


Hey Loredana_Nora, make sure that your Game Center is turned on and that you’re connected to the correct Game Center profile that your game is connected to. Our FAQ here has more information:

If you’re still having an issue with your account, contact our support team here at with your support key and gamertag.


Hi, then I read the FAQ but it does not help, unfortunately I have. connected two accounts to the same game center ID, but what I would like is the first account I had started of which I sent all the data, if you want I also send you the screenshots I had done. Because a month or so ago, I had a bug and made me start all over again but by restarting the game I managed to recover the original account, with the new update I lost it and if you can help me you would be very pleased. If you need more info I send them, thanks again for your friendly availability


I’m sorry if our FAQ didn’t help you. Contact our support team with the support key from the account you’re trying to get back, and from the new game, you have now. They’ll be happy to assist you further with this.