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HELP! I Lost My Account


Ok - so I opened my app early Sunday morning (nothing new) and everything was GONE. I had to totally restart like I had never played before. I hadn’t deleted the app or made any changes prior to this. The only thing that was the same was my VIP status seemed to have carried over.

I am on a iPhone so i checked the support and it said to check my “Game Center”. I did but my Game Center had been turned off - I have never really played any games other then this one and I only do it with my son (we play together). My son is freaking out cause he thinks I did something to lose his game.

Can you please help me? I responded to the “Contact Us” in the Suppot menu but have yet to receive any response yet (over 24hrs later). I am Jason6920 (#0454) and the account I am trying to get back is Jason6920 (#0453) in the alliance “Texas”.

As it seems my VIP carried over somehow I am hoping that I can be verified that way? Any way please help. Thank you.


Hey jason6920, I can understand the frustration, and I’m sorry to hear that happened with your account. If you had already reached out to our support team, it could take some time for them to investigate and get back to you, but please rest assured that our team will try their best to assist you once they get a chance to review your ticket.


Thanks Ned. Now if I can only explain that to my 8yr old son :wink:


This has happened to me- recently- but I closed the app, restarted an I was given an option to change:

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I didn’t press anything- it just happened

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Thanks Sara - I tried that and nothing. Seems my phone just completely lost everything.

I think my problem was my Game Center was turned off. I must have turned it off some time ago because I don’t really play any games on here. I only started to because me and my son started JWA together and we have a lot of fun with it.

It been over 48hrs now with no reply…is that normal? I’m not trying to be a problem or a Nuisance just wondering.

This is the account I’ve had to start over with:

And this is the account I’m trying to get back:

As you can see it would be months of progress thrown away.

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I can see your frustration- were you signed into Facebook?
If so you can log in that way

I was utterly shocked when mine reset- I had to stick with it for a day, so yours might just be a little longer? I kept closing the window, and reopening the app. That may help?


No unfortunately I don’t do Facebook at all. So I’m at the mercy of the Support Staff. The one thing that did carry over is my VIP status so I’m hoping that they can verify me that way.

Just hoping for a happy outcome - sooner rather then later :wink:


Got a response from Ronald at Support and they have offered to transfer my data from my old account to my new one. Problem solved!! Thanks JWA support staff!!! You guys made an 8yr old boy (my son) very happy. Hopefully the transfer will be complete and he’ll be darting them Dino’s by the time he gets out of school.


I’m glad to hear that your problem was fixed @jason6920. Hopefully, you and your son will be back into the game soon!


Just don’t play, this game has Dracoceratops


Lol. Yup, and if you look above…so do I :smiling_imp:


Ayy! Happy hunting with your old account!


The same has happened to me
I am still waiting a response