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Help is my lineup ruined?

I fed him too much now hes my strongest

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You will know in a few days based on difficulty of events, my guess is you will be just fine.


~200 ferocity is not gonna ruin your lineup


As @Sionsith said you probably wouldn’t be in such a bad mess as it appears. Following his ferocity formula, 3.2attack + health for your Top 3.

  • Tropeogopterus = (1,033.6 + 846) = 1,879.6
  • Mastodonsaurus = (864 + 864) = 1,728
  • Diplotator = (867.2 + 784) = 1,651.2

Average = 1,752.93 so you did not mess it up very much. Unless of course I messed up the calculation somewhere…


Your trop ferocity addition is wrong but even then the average doesn’t change much so your point stands.

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Fixed it… I think… :eyes:


Hey uhh i dont think im fine :frowning:

Which battle event is this? For one thing we can rule out Fight For Funds as this event has an entry fee. And for another, even say that Tropegopterus was messing more than it should with your balance, your opponents are way stronger than it. As far as I remember unbalance doesn’t attract opponents stronger than the most powerful, some have speculated Indoraptor could but of course your situation is different.

Its Clash of Champions i alredy did fight for funds which was harder than this thats why all my dinos are used

Heres a screenshot i took from the 2nd battle

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Your problem doesn’t stem from the newly added flyer, I only see one carnivore and it’s fairly far behind your top three. It’s also possible this event is keying off your level and has nothing to do with your lineup.

The game might be telling you it’s time to start getting more creatures around level 1-10 VIP strength.


@Sionsith True, he did mention it was Clash of Champions. As we observed that CoT is level based, probably Champions is too. However I still would not be sure that they should be facing level 34+ Legendaries at Park Level 46, Post Reshuffle players start unlocking Legendaries from Park Level 50 and above.

Should i get my masto to lvl 10 then?

True I am not sure what CoC is supposed to be offering as opponents at that level. If the OP had a herbivore and carnivore level 1-2 VIP the event would be easily doable. The issue for this is the class setup of the opponent when compared to the OP line up.

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No you need other classes at the same level as it.

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So when i can should i buy another vip pack?

True, not just the class setup but what I’m actually surprised about is that CoC either way being level or lineup based in OP’s case should not be this tough, I personally do not remember facing such relatively over powered opponents when I was still below level 60.

Some of the battles for a younger park were just board line if not out right impossible.

I remember them last year.

Some I could only win by doing the same battle over and over while writing down the different patterns the AI did and react accordingly.

I think as younger parks grow, you just bump into a few events that you won’t always be able to win.


The only event that I remember being this difficult with respect to level and lineup for a young level park was Avian Ancestors, we were facing high level Gorgosauruses at pretty low levels. Clash of Champions however didn’t seem that very difficult.

Avian Ancestors for reference…

I don’t mean to go Off Topic, just posted this as a contrast-to. :eyes:

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Always there is not really another use for LP at your level, you should be spam purchasing those packs.

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