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Help! Lost account


I had an account connected via Facebook. I hade to get a new phone because it broke. I downloaded JW:A again, logged in via facebook but what happens is… I’m on the tutorial. Level 1. No dinosaurs collected. Pick name etc. When I logged in via Facebook it even said ”You have used this app via Facebook before” etc. Help! I’m gonna be really sad if everything is gone… I don’t remember my name on there sadly.

Let me add: I was in a clan called Sweetceratops, I checked there and I couldn’t find my name!


Hey Kodarino, I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with your account and our team would be happy to try and help you with this. Could you email our support team here at If you have the support key from your old game account, it’d be helpful to include it in your email as well. Thanks!


When something similar happened to me, I gave them the Support key of the new level 1 account. They managed to find my old one based on that and made the data transfer. So you may want to send the new Support key to the Support team. Also anything that identifies your old account, player level, nickname, possibly when you created your account if you recall it etc.

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