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Help me again

Two resources that a late game player should never have less of is food and coins but it seems like I have really bad problem having much of these I collect lots of coins blow them all in buying buildings and the food facility than I blow all of that food in feeding Dinos. Help me!!

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Save them :crazy_face:

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It’s not that easy inalso have to use coins for battling in events. The price is mostly 200000 coins.

Don’t feed your dinosaurs for a while

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Absolutely DO NOT invest in buildings.

The worst dino in the game (bonitasaurus) has a far higher coin production rate than the best building coin rate (Horizon Obv.).

Instead invest in decorations and build them up around paddocks, that way you can get immense coin flow.

I have a thread about that here:

Essentially if you are non-VIP, then JH Statues and Oaises will be your best friends as far as decorations go.

If you are VIP, shoot for Clocktowers because they are the best decoration in the game.

As for food, max out your food production facility, I also recommend VIP for that food facility.

If you focus on your coin generation there are actually trades that give tons of food for tons of coins.

One I got earlier was like 60mil coins to 35mil food.

Do that and you’re set on food.


I you want to increase coin production, NEVER buy buildings, they’re the worst source of income you can have. You better start selling them all to get some coins back and buy a few decorations.
To give an example, Bonitasaura, the worst coin producing dinosaur, is better than every single building.
Use @OstaposaurusBae’s guide for decorations, it has all the best ways to increase your coin production and has a list of best decorations depending on your level, so you can start using the templates shown as examples even if you don’t have John Hammonds or Clock Towers.
If you want more info, @Sionsith has a video explaining this same subject too.


Bonitasaurus is the second worst dino in the game, Tuo is the worst

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I think bonita is worse in coin production though.


Oh ok

You could put this in JWTG memes

Yeah sorry I meant worst dino in terms of coin production.