Help me be better at JWTG

Hey, can you guys please help me. I’m stuck on level 43 and don’t know how to improve my lineup.

And my Trades are so rubbish. I saved 10k LPs for a Solid Gold pack, and got Tylosaurus ( first time) then Elombi, and I opened one last week, and got Brontotherium.

I got spinoraptor from PvP modded aquatic.

Please help me


Well. First of all, Save up your resources. Resources are things you are gonna need to improve your lineup. Second of all, get stego and zhang to level 40 to fuse them into stegoceratops and tropeogetreus. Third of all, get alanga AND labyrinthosarus to level 40, maybe get ophiacomimus and nundagosasurus to level 20 if you have enough resources. And I think that should help you out. See ya.

Thank you, i will try that

Stegosaurus lvl 40 is nearly there! Stegoceratops hang in there!

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Don’t make stegoceratops instantly I only make hybrids when battles get really hard

Well your lineup is incredibly balanced so that’s good. But I’d go for as many level 10 VIPs as possible then as you get higher level U can evolve them

Ok, but I’ll still keep them ready, for it.

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Is this considered hard?

Ok, I’ll try. Thank you

Not really (for me) just use 2 of your strongest carnivores and then use diplotator last with 8 reserves (my explanation is bad sorry)

Try to get something between raptor and pachyceratops. Maybe max quetzal

Make legendaries lvl 20 and lvl 30

I can’t. I unlocked them “via special event”

Oh what about amber market

I haven’t reached the right lvl. Dimetridon is only lvl 50.

Hey, any update on your lineup?

Not really, only difference is I got Tropeopterus, and I’m fusing a lvl 30 Anklyosaurus

Update on my lineup so far (Jurassic):
Got another VIP creature,
Lvl 21, and 20 nundugasaurus and spinoraptor. Got t-Rex and scaphognathus to lvl 20. Getting a lvl 20 ichtyostega soon, as well.

Got Mosasaurus gen 2 lvl 10 to fill in the gap between tylosaurus

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Dipolator lvl 40 then collect its s_ dna . Do more missons . Save money to buy prize wheel dinos or legwndary card packs. Save jaws. And velciraptor lvl 40