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Help me Decide My Team

Hi CrocoBirb here. I have Been on a really bad losing streak and I think it’s because of my team. Can You guys give me any suggestions of what i should Change. Here are my Team and my Dinos

Ur team is generally is as good as it could be. But u could try to level ur indo more could u have some DNA it seems, probably a coin issue, and aside from that I would recommend the scorpios rex gen 2 instead of the smilodon even tho its lower level it has a bit more versatility. Just try it out and see, when ur loss streaking generally changing something small helps correct that

Try using scorp g2 and compys/dodo. They should (maybe idk) be deadly at your lvl. Definitely lvl up the compys and try them out. Trade them for Pro

Try dodo and other flock