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Help me escape Lockwood

I’ve played this game since it came out, and I’ve been stuck in Lockwood Estate for 9 months with my highest trophy count ever being 4472. My team has vastly improved thanks to my amazing alliance Sand Dunes, but I’m still losing to L22 teams because of boosts. I need everyone’s suggestions, advice, and strategy to escape Lockwood. I can post my gameplay if needed and will answer any questions. I’d really appreciate any help, and I think we can hit 4500! I’m attaching my current trophy count as well as my team.image image q

How are they currently boosted (if at all)?

Why don’t you use Magna?
Maybe a Boosted Ten-Rex will help.
This is my team. I am at 4700-48xx trophies (for now).

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what are their boosts?

it depends also on how you battle. i have some similar team friends in my alliance that makes some mistakes with moves/swaps choices.

in other hand, i have another friend in my list, not from alliance, who i simply can’t beat hahaha. he/she seems to know exactly what i will do and have a better choice for all my moves.

my team (boosts 5~6):

ps: jwa is stuck at 8/24 loading again, this is from jwa field guide app.

also, better choose high performance dinos than higher rarity. if you have many uniques, matchmaker score punishes you. if you have high level / boosted lower rarities, like uniques legendaries and rares, other than uniques, matchmaker gives you weaker teams to battle.

i am lockwood library with this team. that proceratho is boosted 6-6-6. that indoraptor is about to go away, i have erlikospyx or magnapyritor waiting to replace it. im just waiting 1.9 release in case of ludia nerf them, or buff another. so dna and boosts are saved for now, just waiting next announcement.

Erlibird is 4 4 5
Tryko is 5 5 4
Thor is 5 5 5
Rinex is 5 4 5
Steggod is 3 3 1
Mono is 4 4 3
Dio is 5 5 2
Indo is 4 5 5
Dilorach is 4 4 4
Magna is 5 5 5
I’m not the best at battling, and I commonly realize I’ve made a mistake right after I place the move, but I can record gameplay if it would help.


  • you use more uniques than me
  • your average level is higher than mine

this is probably leading to a higer team score for matchmaker.

my lower level / lower rarity team is average more boosted.

i am pretty sure your team is higher mm score than mine, what makes you face stronger teams than me.

with your team i believe i would be many trophies lower too.

it’s not your fault, is ludia current matchmaker punishing stronger teams.

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Overboost Thor
Create and overboost Dc
and you will be at Lockwood Library in no time.
U just need to give them money,simple as that.

My 147 Erli and Dilo is slower than 150 Thors around here.

I’d be happy to take a look at the footage, see if there’s any tips I can give you.

I’ll record and post some ASAP and update when I do.

How sweet…

This looks like two different worlds. My team is lvl 4 boosted with DC lvl 5.
I get to fight with people having much stronger teams and still progressing slowly. All you need is to win one game of three to not drop throphies and that is doable with a bit of luck and determination.

And about some advice - imho you have too many tanks. Drop stegod and get some DC :stuck_out_tongue:


i also noticed too many tanks there.

we forgot one tip: time and day. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
for me, local 7h am to 9h am is the best to battle. later i start to face monsters.

also, weekend is the worst. EVERY single weekend i drop 100 to 400 trophies if i insist of battling for more than daily incubator.

do some (many) tests to see if you find better times/days.

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did you try that magna and dilora? they are lower level but already boosted.

indoraptor and stegod are candidates to drop sometime, if ludia doesn’t change anything related to them in upcoming 1.9.

indo has very nerfed for 1.8 and now it’s a unique from mid apex tier, making your matchmaker score get higher at lvl 25, without same benefits as a tyrant.

stegod use to be choosen for some people as a high survivor. maybe at higher level/boost like lvl 27 and tier 6 health… but i don’t think it deserves this effort.

i recommend nobody does any investment for dinos for now, like applying boosts. ludia can nerf your dino just after you apply boost to it, and buff other you don’t.

hope 1.9 come next week. :pray:
i have 300+ boosts waiting hahaha.

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That’s why I haven’t boosted Tenrex yet. I’m stocking up on cash and boosts until 1.9 and then I’ll see where they need to go. Magna and Dilorach seem to not have enough damage for their little health.

Magna is useful for the speed, but it is often a victim of DC’s. It’s also very difficult to level. I have one on my team currently at 21, and it’s great. But my team are mostly around that level anyway, so it fits right in.

I’m having issues uploading footage, but I dropped Steggod and threw in Magna and won 4, lost one. Never drew Magna though strangely enough.

That is weird, but also sounds accurate. When I dropped a team member to add Magna, I had a similar thing happen. I went up about 100 trophies, even though I only drew Magna once.