Help me find low level raid strats!

I just turned lvl 16 and only have indoraptor at lvl 21 so can the community help me find some low level unique or legendary raid strats?

Tbh the only one i dino i can think of is irritator… if hes lvl 20 and up he can be used in a few apex raids and there is a strat containing iriratator in every unique raid. So if you can yoy should level up and boost ur irritator

mine is only lvl 14 bec of lack of coin but thx for the advice

ur welcome… I rlly am sorry i dont have many other creatures… There is a parasauthops raid strat that has a lvl 17+ akyntrosaurus

Level Tryostronix to lvl 26 for raids. Level irritator to level 20-26 for raids. Level skoola to level 20 for raids. Ankyntrosaurus is useful at lvl 17-18 for raids. Indoraptor g2 is good for raids at lvl 17-20, but 26 is preferable for some strats.

I want to remind everyone that this is for low lvl raid strategies not dino recomendations

Dino recommendations are a major part when it comes to suggesting raid strategies. Try focusing on a few of the dinos we suggested above!

Alternatively, join a JWA Raiding discord and view some of the strategies they’ve posted. You will still need to save your coins to level many of the dinos I suggested above since they are used in the majority of “low-level” unique and apex raid strategies.

ok can you send a discord invite to the raiding discords?

This is one of the ones I use:

I am already on that one actually

I did a phorurex raid yesterday and missed the unlock by like 4 dna

That’s great. It is the server where I find most raid strategies. Try combing through the raid dino strategies in that discord. You might be able to find a strategy that suits you better. Irritator is highly recommended if you’re going for Phorurex.

I did the double inostherium strat

Yeah see if your alliance has a discord server. It will be very helpful for raids.