Help me, I want to know how AMC incubator works


Let me explain how I get the incubator in AMC theaters. I do not understand. What about the drop fo walmart


The Wal Mart box isnt worth the trip. Tried it and ended up with darts. Same for my wife and several other posters have gotten darts or coins. Maybe a few more than normal but not worth the effort.

The AMC incubator is for US players only and it spawns at an AMC movie theater. From what ive read it is completley worth it. Gets you atleast an epic dino and some DNA towards others. It stays up for 24 days. Its supposed to be like a promotion for the new movie but ironically it doesnt come out until 6/22.


Do you know if the AMC incubator a 1 time reward or will it respawn every day for the duration of the event?


I’m not entirely certain but based off of other posters experiences its a one time only deal.


I would be interested in finding that out too. Does it respawn daily or do I need to drive to every AMC in my state?


Also is it a 1 time incubator per AMC or is it just once and it doesn’t matter what AMC you go to.


From what I’ve seen on other social media it’s once per account period. The walmart thing is a supply drop that drops 3 things instead of two and has a higher chance to drop cash. Nice if you’re already there not worth an out of the way trip. (I got my AMC drop yesterday did not respawn today. )


I also got my AMC thing and it didn’t respawn today. We also checked multiple AMC theaters (we have three within a 20 minute drive of each other).


i asked on facebook and ludia said it is one per player.


I drove almost an hour just to get my stop at amc but when I got there the icon disappears very disappointed Adam Kline


I had the same issue the other day in Santa Monica California. I was about to buy a movie ticket so I could get into the theater Courtyard but I ended up going into a retail store next to it and walking to the back and I was able to retrieve the incubator. Get at me Sterling Shark :shark::golf: Happy Hunting