Help me in selecting my 8 dinos please


These are my best dinos. Please help me in selecting top 8 for arena and team.

I am in 3500 to 3700 arena trophies and most of the time I loses like 5+ fights continuously. Seems like enemy always have upper hand and stun and dodge (from indominous) always goes in enemies favor.

Also if you can tell which dinos I should look into getting (from missing dinos) and whom to level first.


Update: I got updated team now and need feedback on based on it. And whom to replace in my team to have utraisaptor in my team?

I just hit arena 8, 4K trophies so need help fast.


Any chance of creating stegodeous soon? That’s the best Dino atm at about this range in my opinion. I’m about 3800 just now (4400 before tournament) this is my team but tbh I’m all over the place with winning and losing.


Triox in. Utharaptor out, and no much more xd as heather said if you can create stegodeus do it and kick postdimetrodon. Some times people asking for help and their dinos are ok, they only need to work on lvl more they


For stegodeus I really need stegoarus DNAs (a lot); In past 3 days I got my 3x legends done. So now will work on stego to level 15 first to create stegodeus. Only stegosaurus is holding me back from it.

And Heather really have high level dinos. And I am far. So any further feedback on what I have will be best.

And in the meanwhile I will follow suggestions and put Triox in. Utha out and then put stegodeus when I can get him.


And ofc lwvel your raptor to 20 and start working on indoraptor


I got stegodeus now @level 16 only though.

Should I replace postdimetrodon OR grogohucus for him?

Postidimetrodon I was keeping as he had ability to reflect negative effects. But if I keep Gorgocuhus (his attack and damage is insane) then should I level him up from level 17?



if it were me… id lvl stegodeus as quickly as i can. goal is to get him to lvl 24 currently. i would lvl up gorg. kick posti out kick utah out. add tryostronix, stego.

also lvl up your stegoceratops to 21.


Replace your posti with tryostronix. Easy pick. As soon as you get stegodeus, replace utahraptor is not going to do much work for you.

Try to level up you velo to work for indoraptor. You got some trex DNA saved (even if you powered up to level 16 a little soon) and it will help you to make your team a lot stronger. You will need to dart every single velo.

For what I see, indo + stegodeus should be your top priorities and they are going to make the difference. The main problem I see is stego for you because you need for stegoceratops, stegodeus, and monostegostop. You are going to need a lot of them if you want to keep your team up with all of them :laughing:


get both Tyrannosaurs ( normal & 2nd generation one = defense shattering rampage ) as they have the most powerful bite attacks out of all the dino;s also get blue velociraptor & utahraptor, ( both of them have critical impact moves ), stegosaurus is one mean ornery little cuss in a battle because of its superiority strike & thagomizer attack, triceratops because of its stunning strikes & stunning impact moves …the Erlikosaurus because of its rampage & debilitating distraction attacks = slashing attack which basically rip an opponents defenses to shreds … plus the utahsinoraptor ( legendary )= one nasty bugger in a battle, i like to call him the * Romper Stomper * lol … the allosinosaurus ( legendary ) level them all up to level 20 plus or more level 28 plus if you can and you will have a formidable team behind you !

Trying to pass 4k before tournament ends

^this. and un-level gigaspik and save the nodopata DNA for stegodeus :upside_down_face:
go out and hunt stegosaurus. level up gorgosuchus, unless you’re saving for megalosuchus


what? i’ve maybe seen 2nd gen trex in battle twice. raptors are useless now, and he already has utahraptor on his team. he’s probably in a high enough arena that stegosaurus and triceratops are almost certainly useless. same with erlikosaurus. allosinosaurus is not good at all.

this… this is brilliant. why haven’t we all though of this? :joy: why stop at 28 though? :joy:


T-rex gen 2 doesn’t have defense shattering anything


That’s like the worst advice ever :sweat_smile:


Is trio that good ? I want to have a stegodeus also it seems like the way to go in the arena


Yes it’s like the faster immune gorgo we need. I really like it


Really thanks for feedback guys.

I mention again that today I got stegodeus level 16 (only) and replaced with Postdimetrodon.

I will level Gorgosuchus. And really trying to get Velociraptor but seems like finding him now is just really becoming like Epic for me at-least. I still see lots of Stego and sniping them as much as I can.


Another question: Should I level Gigaspik when get chance OR keep him low priority?

Spend coins to level Sinoceratops?


Create that Stegudeus-Jesus and keep evolve it.
Than you’ll not need that Gigaspika.
(At least before tank dinos balance changed again)


The problem with giga is that it requires nodopato. And you will need all your nodopato to level up your stegodeus.

My advice is to forget giga and focus on stegodeus


I will level my giga when i will have stegodeus at 30 haha