Help me make the most of what I have?

So I am back from long break. I am aware I made poor choices in the past, then again I 'm not here to compete with top players, just want to have fun in lower arenas. The most recent advice I got was to invest in Suchotator as a budget, solid dyno, and it’s worked well for me. Anything else I should put in team/power up? Thanks so much!

Your team is very resilient heavy.

Id suggest you need a cunning or two. The obvious for where you are would be getting argy to team level.

Thanks. Do you mean, Argentavis?

Its epic hybrid. Arguably among the top tier @ epic level.
Id also try and get something levelled up to replace velo (looking at current levels and dna in hand, erlik, epic compy and smilo look your best bet) and rex2 (again from your screenshot epic rex looks easiest). Its also worth noting that in terms of epic resiliants pelta and dicorus (sp) are considered top tier in that rarity.