Help me ... not claim

I not claimimage

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This made the timer restart very long, it happened so that I completed 15 tasks for 1 hour, but now, just like you, I cannot open the chest, and all my further tasks go to empty, I am very upset because I bought a VIP and not I will get points of trust for the new dragon. Please fix

Hey Vikings, our team is looking into the issue with the Duties. We’ll try to give everyone an update ASAP once we get more information from our team.

After the latest release, why do we no have to wait to claim the chest? Just completed all tasks to earn the chest and now I’m told that I have to wait almost 4 hours until I can claim the chest. Does that also now mean that all additional duties that I complete will not go towards any chests? Why should I continue to play?

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I agree. 8 hours between chests is crazy. You gave us more energy which is awesome, but now I’m finding several situations where I can’t play efficiently. What happens when I get stuck in story mode again? Am I going to have to waste a re roll on Astrid when she wants 50 dragons defeated from there? Please stop making the game more complicated than it has to be!

Please remedy. 8 hours is too long. I think 2 hours


i got the same issue

Hey AhTeYuGn99, you’ll have to wait for the cooldown timer to reset. However, our team is aware of the feedback regarding the cooldown, and they appreciate all the suggestions.