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Help me pleace

It won’t let me enter the game, I have a good Internet connection, I don’t know if it’s a game error!
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That happens to me sometimes if I just swipe out of the App and return to it later without closing the App.

Try to “force close” the App. This works for me whenever it says I can’t connect.

How to force close it?

On iOS, you would just swipe the App away. That closes/stops it.

On Android you can go to Settings > Apps and “Force Stop” the App you want. You can also click the X top right of the App in your list or choose “Close All”.

Then re-open on either platforms. There should be a specific guide for your device, if you want to google it.

I’ll up a photo if it happens to me tomorrow with that message. It’s always worked for me

I am the same problem

Same here. Cant play since yesterday

So, sometimes I get that too:

Then if I click on “OK” it will try to re-connect and I get this:

I will hit “Retry” a few times and the same message. But, if I “swipe away” or “force close” the App and open it again, it will work - always.

Maybe this will help some.

But I have the message “ impossible to access the server”

Hey everyone, if you’re on a WiFi connection, please try forgetting the network on your device, and then re-add it.

If you’re still having trouble with the connection after doing that, do not hesitate to reach out to our support team here at! If you have your support key, please remember to include it in the email as well.


I also had this problem for 2-3 days straight. And @D_i_e_g_o_A_r_m_a_n I would suggest you crop the support key out of the pic.

@Ned, I tried disconnecting, forgetting, and even uninstalling 5 times. By sheer luck, I finally got it. I first tried on mobile data after 2 days and somehow it worked. I had to do this for another 2-3 days but thankfully now I’m able to play on internet too.

I am also experiencing the same now.

Can you take a screenshot for proof?