Help me please 5

Hi, I have the following issue :
I have an iPhone and my account I enter through Facebook, but from today I do not get the option to enter through Facebook, it only happens in this terminal since in others without problems.
I would really appreciate the help, greetings

Hey Habb, are you able to see the Facebook connect option from the in-game Settings menu?

when opening the game it does not leave me the option of facebook. I automatically enter a level 2 account :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

Hey there, Habb, once you are in the game, are you able to connect to Facebook from the in-game Settings menu?

not either. When going to settings and in the facebook box in which color should I have it in green or red


The button should be red once you are connected.

OK thanks. I put it in red and close the game, when I reopen it, that account level 2 is loaded and at no time does it let me put a facebook account

Hey Habb, can you reach out to our support team at so our team can take a closer look at this for you?