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Help Me Please with Choosing Dinos!

Please help. Should I start going for the rare hybrids or go for the legendaries maxed? Should I save up for super rare hybrids in DNA or should I save up for the max rares such as diplotator, carnoraptor, nundagosaurus, or ophicomiomus? Should I get level 20 ankylodocus, spinoraptor, and stegoceratops?

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i think you should start maxing up rare hybrids first.

Diplotator and Carnoraptor are particularly useful as they also have S-DNA superhybrids you can make later on that are very useful in tournaments because they have good stats and a shorter cool-down time. So do Stegoceratops and Spinoraptor, but these cost more so will take longer. Which you pick depends on which class of dinos you need most too.

Don’t neglect the L40 legendaries completely as some events are Legendary-only and then you can’t use these hybrids.

he should also try to get tapejalosaurus and tapejalocephalus( if monolophosaurus is unlocked in the @Kallin_Starks game) cuz its quite easyto get its superhybrid because for every event you finish you get atleast 15 and you only need 2000 euoplocephalus sdna.

What should I go for next?

  • Diplotator
  • Ophicomiomous
  • Spinoraptor
  • Ichthyostega
  • Diplosuchus

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@Kallin_Starks can I see your lineup? I will vote if I see it

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