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Help me! please!

In my city there are several parks, but none of them are marked with a green play area. How to leave the parks of my city with green area in the game?


I have this same problem.

Hey CaioWolfblade, some parks may not be labelled as such in the game. Our FAQ here has some information that may help:

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@Ned I have a park near me that isn’t a park in game. But next to it is a Elementary School Baseball field that counts as a park. Would it be possible to somehow switch them? It’s kind of creepy for someone not attending the school or picking up a child to be standing out front an Elementary school :sweat_smile:


Hey Sean_Sperry, could you provide the location information to our team at so the can take a look at it for you? :slight_smile:


How exactly would I need to do that? Just want to make sure. @Ned

If there’s a supply drop within the area, you can tap on it and tap the “flag” icon to report the area directly. If you could include a description of the reason in the report, it’d be really helpful.

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Ok, thank you.

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Would I need to report both areas? The field and the park?

Just the school area should be fine.

Please note that since park areas are based on real-world data information provided by an external provider, there’s no guarantee that it would change immediately.

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That’s ok, I just feel the Field should change since it’s a school and all. Thanks for answering my questions though!

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It’s ok. But that does not answer my question. How to demarcate green areas in the parks of my city? I have to email support?

Hey CaioWolfblade, as parks are based on Points of Interest (POI) and real-world data information made available by an external provider, there is really not much our team can do at the moment to assign park areas near you.