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Help me please!

Eu tenho uma conta de usuário ronald78! Já no level 15, porém, para atualizar o aplicativo eu exclui o meu só que agora não consigo entrar no meu perfil mais! Acho que existe um Facebook meu antigo que está acessando o jogo e não era com ele que entrava ! Pode me ajudar a resgatar minha cota! ?!?

Translated From Portuguese

I have a ronald78 user account! At level 15, however, to update the application I delete mine, but now I can’t get into my profile anymore! I think there is an old Facebook of mine that is accessing the game and I didn’t use it! You can help me redeem my quota! ?!?

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English; we have translated your post using Google Translate. In the future, please remember to include an English translation.

Hello Ronaldo_Salgado, do you still have your login credentials for your old Facebook account? You can access your original game by going to tapping your Player Level, then Settings, and selecting the Facebook Logout option. From the loading screen, select the ‘Guest’ login option and use your Facebook login credentials.

If that doesn’t work, our support team can assist your further. You can reach out to them at Please include your support key as it helps them locate your account faster.

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