Help me pls

I cant get into my game this thing appers

I reinstalled the game but that doesn’t help

I believe there is a maintence going on. I am not in game but I am 99% sure thats the reason :slight_smile:

Hey Laky_Jesterlly, could you please try restarting your device and then relaunch the game?

Hey this has been happing to me for the past two weeks

I get this sometimes and if I open the game via a social media link it often goes away. Switching between wifi and data can sometimes unblock it too.

Look how long it is before I can request dna…

Uh @Kandice_Bradley , this is a Jurassic World: The Game post. That looks like Jurassic World: Alive. You may want to put your post in a Jurassic World: Alive post if you are looking for help.

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