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Help me readjust my boosts

I a, not switching my indom boosts cuz it it a powerhouse that gets like to to three kills a match and now has a 30% crit chance next update. It’s counters trykos, and basically e Rey unique I face in mid aviary.

I suggest replacing your Tryo for that mammotherium. In my opinion tryo is just a more defenseless version of the mammotherium.

I’d pull them off of everything. You’re team is aviary cliche, and your not gonna progress far. I’d stop and take a bit to build some stronger hybrids and really think, what do you want to take into the endgame?


@th3bub14 Ok, should I boost orion tho. Hes pretty good and I could upgrade his couterparts to 20. I’m also working on gemeni. Im gonna unboost my hp on thyla and wait a little until I get gemeni. Should I put them back on maxima tho.

I like that Indom ya have there. I wanted to try something like that but tryko ate all my rex dna. As for boost re-allocation it depends on what aspect of the game is your favorite the arena or raids? Quetz is fantastic in pvp but falls behind in raids and is not good at all vs Apex raids. Dilo can be good vs mortem if you have good teammates. Kind of a shame you started on pyrri as irritator is a amazing raid dino and can be good vs mortem and Hadros and only needs 3342 hp. I would completely ignore indoraptor unless your a big fan because it’s no good in arena or raids and draws dna away from your Indom.

Idk how the meta will shake out, I’d strip boosts off of everything and play a week or 2 unboosted, figure out your weakest links and then fix your team up

If you want to be able to participate in some Apex raids, yank all those boosts off of Indominus and the Rat, and put them all on Trystronix and Thor. Especially your Tryo, since all it’ll need is at least 4,200 health (ideally, at least 4,400 to be safe, but 4200 will get you by), to survive a Mortem CRIT, and it can still be used against Hadros.

Your Indominus may be a powerhouse now, but your wasting your coin and DNA leveling it up past level 20, as well as your boosts, and it gets trashed by everything you’ll run into above Aviary.

Some people run those things in gyro as monsters and they’re beasts. Also don’t use anything on Thor he’s getting nerfed so he will be bad in roads

Thor’s not getting nerfed

I’m gonna put my boosts on tryo cuz thor wont have gsi next update, it will have gsr.

Thor is getting nurfed in the raids. It will not be able to do a first turn group impact anymore. It will now have to wait until turn 2 to get off it group rampage that then has a 2 turn cooldown.

Raid wise I’d level and boost Tuo, you’d get a lot out of that investment

I can how get it to level 20 and can def get the paramoloch to 20 so I’ll start working on that.