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Help me set up my team again!

Hey guys. id like some fresh thoughts on my team composition. please help me put a fresh team together and ill use it in the arenas for a few days. also let me know what i should add or level up. thx.

Only thing I would do is take stegod out. Wouldnt change anything else

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Double natural tanks is a tbing of the past. One is even a bit sketchy at this point lol

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I’d say get rid of either steg or giga, too many tank busters running around, can replace it with mono or spino

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Stego out spino in

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spino vs monostego. thats the hard decision

tenon is great also. magna lets me down sometimes

I’d say Spinotasuchus so you have a bleeder, but Monostegotops is good choice as well.

Why not both? For steg and giga?

and i hate indo so hes on a loooong timeout

Doesn’t have to be permanent, just try it out and see if it works

i cant try that. giga has been so helpfull though

You’d be surprised how even under leveled mono can be useful

yeah mono is very helpfull.

Either “Akinfenwa” or gigaspikosaur for “Alita”

It’s a mess. The only advice I can think of it to send your critters to me and start over. I will take good care of them, I promise.

Honestly I am jealous. The only thing I might recommend from my limited experience in getting clobbered by teams like yours is to change out stego for mono. You already have Giga, which seems to have that kit covered.


I also agree with the stegod out. Maybe for monostego instead of spinotas.
You could also test spinotas for rinex, and Tenonto for Thor (but needs at least one level more) in my opinion.
But as it is i would keep it or change stegod for monostego, and once leveled Tenonto for Thor. Giga at 30 is quite beastly😎.
No dracocera??


heck no… im boycotting draco. im probably the only one boycotting but thats ok lol.

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My magna is a 24 and being under team level has fallen short lots of times. I’m leaving him in regardless and just mentioning it. Mono is good but with all the chompers out there it seems a distracting move is needed. I’ve been searching for the magic dino myself lol.

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