Help me understand this

Please explain how this post in team chat is against community rules? I’m at a complete loss here

Also I tried the other day to write about pachy and it said it was against community guide lines why?

Probably because you mentioned another game’s name.

Pachy happened to me too… beats me

Its been a while since ive checked and that is one of the most fickle things ive seen but you mentioned two third party apps so i would point the finger at that.

Is Ludia that sensitive ? Wish I could do that to some of thecustomers at work…lol …zyip inappropriate tone silenced…

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Hey Gaba, our team would be happy to take a closer look at this if you reach out to them here at :thinking:

It’d be helpful if you include your support key and that screenshot in your email as well.


explain this to me. I do not understand. done on the same day same same screenshot …

That one is easy. Normal spawns can occur right next to Special Event Drops. It can be confusing when it is a common like this one.

I’ve had weird ones too. I write the full message it will let me and it gets blocked and I can’t copy/paste to redo it. There’s no profanity or anything. Sometimes I would write people in my alliance’s name and it would block it.

We write:

Phil - max

Or something. If I write:

member A & Member B - max

It will be blocked. If I write:

Member B & member A - max

It will work. It’s dumb and makes no sense.

I do know you can’t write Facebook and stuff like that. So maybe it was because you wrote discord. It’s a shame we have to go to 3rd party to chat since this chat sucks.

It’s the word “discord” You have to intentionally misspell it to get it to pass the filters

Discord, Facebook, and Instagram will get your msg censored by the filter, this is because these sites share your private information. We don’t let people share private information or real names as a security measure. I hope that makes sense.


This is why fixing chat should have been your number 1 priority 3 patches ago… sanctuaries require a level of cordination that your chat is simply unable to deliver forcing us to use third party chat apps because your app is so broken we cant even figure out what is causing us to be filtered.


Agreed. Not only sanctuaries require coordination but also the alliance missions themselves.

I wish as a leader I could have a “sticky” where I could post an announcement or something. You know “save your daily incubators” or “focus on xxxx”

It would also be nice if the messages didn’t disappear after so many. Maybe they could last a full 24 hours so everyone in international groups can view it.

I think whats funny is their insane filters on words like discord and facebook are exactly the reason so many alliances use them to cordinate. They litterally drive people to use the apps their “protecting” people from.


JC did you remove my husbands post and ban him ? It’s my thread I thought it was a hilarious response and was not offended by it and don’t understand why you deleted it … except he did kind of show Ludia’s filters are perhaps skewed perhaps they’ll put that on their Todo fix it list

Fitlers aren’t perfect, that’s why we also have mods.

I am also appauld that you assumed I was married :stuck_out_tongue:

I made no assumption…had you read the post and not skimmed it you’d have seen I said my husband not yours… curious question… as a moderator shouldn’t you be reading the post’s more carefully?..So you have a husband too?

I misread and attempted levity while explaining the filter situation, even us mods are human.

You have my sincere apology.

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It’s all good …