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Help me with hydra plz!

Hey guys if you can help me with this strat it’ll be awesome, i’ll going ankylo.
Share your profiles and i’ll add you

Don’t know if a lot of people have a Inos Max

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That’s a pretty hard strat, Especially with the Geminititan and Inso L30. Nobody really has that or really invests in Inso, too much resources you have to use and not really good.

I’m not sure how far you are into the game, but try to just level up further, get more dinosaurs. Apex is a BIG, and I am not exaggerating, a big step from most raids. I know you want to level up, I’m sorry but you really can’t do it too early into the game, not a lot of people have these types of dinosaurs. Very few Apex raids have dinosaurs that can be below L15, even then you have to have very strong dinosaurs, with high stats that most players don’t have. Just take it slow, once you unlock legendaries, you can attempt these raids. Also try finding players for raids this discussion: Need friends for Raids? I do too