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Help Me With My Math

I’ve often seen my opponents’, and even mine once, Erlidominus lay out 7,000+ damage. Now assuming that you have a level 25 boosted to the max (have people really spent that kind of money already?) the max damage should be 2,286. On a rampage, that would be 4,572. That should be 6,858 with a crit. Is there something I’m missing?

Maybe Cloak?


With cloak then rampage the damage inflicted is 4x, the stats in the image are at level 26

Like you said with the cloak the damage is 2286x4 =9144 and with crit 9144x1,25=11430 if it’s max boosted.

I think you misunderstood how much damage a critical hit does…

Oh I think you forgot that crit did get nerfed, in the past it gains a 50% attacking increase, now it’s 25%, yes your calculations are correct for a 50% increase, but now that it’s 25% it would be 5715.

Ah, there it is. Thanks guys.