Help me with my team pls

PLs I need help I have been losing really frequently I don’t why, i man sometimes I face against level 28 and that’s why I wan to start to get gorgotrebax but for now I need to have a good team, so pls tell me I should just level up or Should include other uniques on my team.

Btw I will tell you tha boost of creatures:
Trykosaurus: HP 3809 DM: 1405
Gem: 6000 HP, DM 1202 Sp 112
Magna: Hp 3453 Dm 1300 Sp 142
Dio: H 4354
Scorp: Hp 3400 Dm 1243 Sp 123
Spinocon: Sp: 128
Indotaurus: Hp 4100 Dm 1510 Sp 108
Monolorhino: Hp 4106 DM: 1162 Sp 118

This are the uniques i have not used:
Thordo Lv 23
Indorap lv 22
Phorurex Lv 22
Skoona lv 22 (no ingridients at 20)
Ardentis lv 21
testa lv 22
Andrewtodon lv 21
Dracocerato lv 21
Erlidom lv 21
Grypo lv 21
Mamulania lv 21
Parasautops lv 21 (no para lux or acrocantops at 20)
Quetzorion (no ingredient’s at 20)
Tenontorex ( Only tyranolophosaurus at 20)

Pls i just want win one

BTW is in spanish

Tryko for pho,gem for skoona,rhino for parat,dio for testa or grypo,preferably testa