Help me with my team

I’d like a little help with my team and who to replace allosinosaurus with. I just made him but idk who to switch. Any advice?

id replace trex. allison is quicker and does the same job.

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You mean Rex with Allosino. I agree.

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Gotta get away from Utah too though

Id be tempted to keep rex and drop utah… having a chance to get 3 raptors on a team can lead to some bad matchups.

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That’s true, I almost always lose if I get the three raptors and whatever else thrown in there. But yeah T. rex is pretty much the same. I’ll swap him for now. Not sure what to do about Utah though. I’m working on paramaloch, stegodius, and monolometradon right now so when I get one of them I could replace Utah with that. Any thoughts?

I wld go for para or Stegod first as para can swap out(against bleeders, as I don’t see u have a lot of immune dinos), n Stegod well it’s still one of the best tanks around. Not overly impressed with momolo stats, might be useful in the mid lvls arena, have not seen many around in the higher arenas.

Ok thanks for the info. I just need to gather a bunch of parasaur dna.