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[HELP ME] Worth it to upgrade all items?

Question for the high level people:
I’m currently Lvl 7 for most of my characters, am fully F2P

Seems like I’m reaching a limit in terms of trying to level up by upgrading items

Wondering if I should upgrade the common stuff too just for the sake of Exp? Even though I don’t use them any longer. Seems a bit of a waste of money.


It’s a waist of money. Just lvl up the dinos you need and particularly those who has hybrids. You can see the lvl needed when you select the different hybrid

I’m F2P as well, and honestly… It depends. Generally I would say no, but when your characters are pushing that next level and just not quite there… I don’t know about other people, but it’s around then that I usually upgrade a few commons so I don’t have to wait as long. Make sure you save enough for actually leveling the character though!

I stopped doing it quite some time ago.

You should only aspire to upgrade items you use. preferably epics once you start getting them, with the exception of some rares which are better for PvP. I only do it if I’m EXTREMELY close to leveling up and that level will open up 2 or more items I can’t use right now.

Use the challenges to get epics, and epic bundles (only when they’re 2 for 1 value) and your characters will level naturally.

Also f2p and at renown 14. If I ever want to see renown 15, I have to upgrade all gear. It’s fine to wait, keep gold hoarded for other uses, but sooner or later you will start to upgrade all gear.

Unless they’ve fixed it, I wouldn’t level common gear all the way. I think awhile back someone complained that after leveling common gear to it’s maximum level they couldn’t collect further gear of that type to sell. That could be a huge detriment to your coin earning capabilities.

I don’t usually upgrade the common gears, but I do upgrade the Rare tiers and higher.

I find some of the Rare gears better for PVP than some Epics or Legendaries. :smiley:

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I agree with Ned, some of those rare and epics are more handy than legendary and sometimes it helps to swap out pieces for different opponents. Such as Calliope’s Dominate is not as useful in Challenges (its worthless against bosses and she tends to do more damage than a creature does dominated) as it is in Arena.


Very true, Dominate is awesome in PVP. Although my heart sinks when it gets resisted. :triumph::broken_heart: :triumph:

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