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Help me!


I really like this game, but I have been finding myself playing it less each day! I want do play, but I need to be entertained… so any fun tips on what do in the game for fun? Maybe fun online battles with cool teamups?
One thing that would be really awsome is themed events! Like for example dragonvale (I do like JW the game more though, it’s cooler!) you can have fun jurassic park/world holiday events besides battles, like special dinos and decorations in a special shop! Also friends!! We need a friens system, like donation or online battles!
Anyway any tips for me? Love this game and want to play it more often!

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i mean you could try challenging yourself by putting two level 1 commons and your highest few creatures in the middle and see if you can defeat your opponent. I mean since im not max level or anything i have goals to grind towards but i get your situation. Time themed events would be cool and you could unlock skins for dinosaurs like spinosaurus JP III for example


Embrace the grind of having to play lots to have good creatures


PvP is pretty much the “fun” part of the game. It’s pretty much log in, tap all the dinos (unless your coin is maxed), tap the food harbor, maybe give it another couple of hours; check the trade harbor; reset any evolutions that need it, start anything that needs hatching, do the single-player missions if you still have them, try your hand at the PvE daily missions unless they’re impossible like so many of us have found… but the heart of the game (for me, anyway) is PvP. That’s the biggest time-commitment of all the daily missions for me.

The game does a fairly good job of interspersing events like bosses and tournaments as well.

But for me, PvP is where the “action” for this game is. Also a great way to accumulate resources.

Find your fun!


The entire game isnt online.
The people you battle in the “pvp” arena are bots.
They aren’t real people :confused: