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Help me


What dinosaur could I add to my team and which one or which Dinosaurs can I improve? thank you


Hey Fenano, as mighty as the T-Rex is, she is held back by her speed in higher Arenas. I would suggest taking her out and maybe replacing her with your Stegoceratop or Suchotator. Eventually, you could fuse into Monostegotops, and Suchotator is fairly easy to level up as well.


I agree @PQC will tell you all about suchotator!

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Lythronax for TRex


I also find mirigia op… maybe not for your level… but she packs a punch!!

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I can’t be the only one seeing the lvl 18 nundasuchus. :joy: fair play :+1:t2:

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Yep - can’t go wrong with levelling Suchotator - one of only two rares in Metahub’s Apex tier. Mine has always been in the team and is now L30 alongside L25+ Uniques. Distracts, SSs, Nullifies - does the lot.