Help my nephews please


My nephews are playing on apple tablets but the ap store but it wouldn’t let them create an account it said they had to sign in via Facebook or as guest so they signed in as guest they got to level 7 and the game has logged then out and started them at training grounds they’ve lost their dinosaurs coins cash everything has gone they don’t have a Facebook account as they are children so have they lost everything as they are totally gutted for reference I’m on android so for me it goes through my Google play account


Hey Sonnydog, I’m really sorry to hear that happened. When you are playing on a guest account, there’s a risk of data loss if the game account gets logged out or you have recently cleared the cache on your device. There is more information on our FAQ here:

However, if your nephews reached out to our support team with the support key from their old account, our team could assist them. If they don’t remember their old support key, our team might be able to find their account if they provided our staff with their old username or gamertag. Our team can be reached here at