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HELP! My son had lost his game

Hi there, I am in a panic mode and trying to explain to my son who is 7 1/2 that I will try my best to recover his game. His ipad did a update last night, this morning when he logged in it took him to a new game and it saved that game in his game center. We have tried to back up the account, etc… Anything we could think of we tried so far. He is a lvl 20 and had a few uniques and hard cash on there saving up for more boosts. I am lost at words on how to help my son become happy again when it comes to this game. If he can’t resolve this he won’t want to start over all again when he literally just got his tentorex to a lvl 24 from the tournament last month.

I went to the JWA app on his ipad and looked for the support key, but that support key matches up to his level 2 account. I didn’t think this would happen. :frowning: I have screen shots of his name and all his dinos from last week.

The best thing you can do is email ludia explaining the situation provide them with his username and any other information you have regarding his account - ludia is pretty good at sorting this kind of issue out.


Try to turn off Game Center. That’s what I had to do in order to switch my account over.

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This has happened to me twice and right now I’m back at lvl 7 when I used to be lvl 18

Tried that and it just took us to a level 2

Oh damn! Did you get any help from ludia ?

Always make a copy of the support key. They need it to transfer it to a new key, overwritting it.
My son lost his account two times but Ludia could fix it.

Send them a email, maybe they can help you without a key. You may need screenshots of ingame purchases (receipts).

Good luck!

I’m sorry to hear that happened with your son’s game, Blue3y3s. May I ask if your son’s game was linked with a Facebook account? If so, please try disconnecting from Game Center, and log in through Facebook, this should bring the saved game back.

If your son was playing on a Guest account, please reach out to our support team at, and our team will try their best to help you.

We tried that. Thank you