Help needed for finding a Alliance

Please I need help looking for a Alliance please

Could you share you game info such as tournament score, pvp team and trophies, what aspect do you like in game (hunting, tournament or arena, raids) ? It will help a lot for both recruiter and you

Your trophy count and team are pretty solid. You should be able to get on a pretty top tier alliance, at this point. My advice would be to not sell yourself short. Aim to get on the BEST alliance you can. Remember, pretty much all teams are in need of players, even the best ones.

Ok thanks for your advise

You should join GG2, it’s a great alliance with a solid community and good rewards. If you’re interested in joining you should dm Error#0108 over on discord

Most top-tier alliances (ones that get 9/10 in championships) ask for 1000+ medals (not points) per tournament, both skill and advantage. A 660-890 score isn’t gonna cut it. That said, the OP has a decent account and should be able to get into a 10/10, tier 8/9 championship alliance (with a good raid crew and multiple level 20 sancts) just fine.