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Help Needed From Elite Players


I’m running out of coins and need to level up several dinosaurs to make their Unique Hybrids: T-Rex, Tarbo, Tuo, and Paramoloch. Which Unique should I prioritize? I only need 140 more DNA till I unlock Touramoloch, but I have mixed feelings about that. Should I drain my entire coin load right now, or should I wait to level up my current team members right now?


I’d say wait for the next update since by leveling up one or two levels on your team won’t make any difference to your tournament results and you can save your coins to make wiser choices.


I didn’t think about the update… thanks for reminding me! That changes a lot. We don’t know when it’s coming, right?


Id expect late jan.


Tryko wouldn’t get nerfed do you think?


Even there’s a nerf, I’d say it would be a minor nerf, like changing its 0.5 counter to 0.25. Moreover, even before the update, trykosaurus was a very strong dino, this update just made it stronger, so I’d say tryko is very well worth going for. But again, unless you can make a lv 21 tryko in a short time, there’s no point investing right now.


Hard to say honestly. They seem to follow the common approach of looking at win rates and adjusting from there.

I will say I have to think even if there are changes it will still be very good, and a very safe investment.

And to go along with what @guarou said - Id have to think that would be the adjustment - ca to .25.


I can quickly create Tuora, but is she worth it long/short term?


By looking at your team, coins and cash, I’d assume you are a f2p player. If you have extra coins, you can make it at creation level for fun. Otherwise, wait for the update and then see if you should make it or not.


That’s sound advice. You’re correct: I’ve played since launch but haven’t spent money. I save my cash for coin deals (or dire situations):joy:


If you are in a possition of playing a little and don’t care about the torunament i would wait for a possible update and make a choice if that happens, also if your goal isn’t climb to the rank should be no problem what lvl up, even if you upgrade a common, rare, epic or whatever rarity the game should very fun, but if you’r aiming to the high ranks maybe just maybe focus on that dinos that can be found in the top rank players

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I’m definitely trying to make the top 500

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To begin with, I am not an elite player. I’m just one of many who tried to enjoy this game with my kids and is becoming disillusioned as day goes by. For instance, I’m finding it really difficult to explain to my kids that their hard work - time and resources spent - to build a nice competitive team has gone to waste. 3x this year. My kids feel sad. I am sad. They have decided to drop the game and enjoying PoGo instead.

So, from my point of view - it really doesn’t really matter. Strong dinos today will eventually get the knife; and becomes thrash or near thrash.

So just do what you think is best. It is as good as impossible to have a competitive team for long - unless if you are willing to spend real money on this game (even now it is hard to find ingredients to level up most of your team members). Or you are willing to spend countless hours to do that TapJoy tasks (to earn hard cash and exchange it for coins). For both i.e. spending money or time to do TapJoy, I personally am not willing to - I have much better use for my money and I have a full time job.

Comes the new meta, new set of dinos are needed to remain competitive in the arenas. Need more hard cash and coins again. So in essence, your current team will fast becomes obsolete - at the rate of 6x a year or every 2 months.

I have seen many active players left the game for the same reasons. And I do understand their frustrations. Most of us just can’t cope with the frequency of changes.

So, whatever your decision is, I wish you the best of luck. My advice - do not spend real money on this game. It is nit worth it. Those resources that you spent on will eventually becomes obsolete and unusable.