Help needed in improving my roster!ASAP FOR DOMINATOR!

My roster is a total mess
So i need suggestions from everyone
Also my level is 60
Suggestions are always welcome

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Here is my roster
Plz need help urgently

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Also tape wil be unlocked when i unlock mono on Saturday

I’m not sure if “urgently” is the right word to progress, JWtG is a game of patience. Restlessness only worsens the situation. If not now, then you’ll have a chance to unlock it later.

You seem to have a steady Predator Lineup, for now you could hang around in there and sneak into Dominator in the final minutes. Remember, level 20 VIPs work well in Dominator League, and one of the strategies is Herbivore-Amphibian-Carnivore, which is built to play around with class advantage and disadvantage.

Here are a list of Threads you would be able to find Lineup guide in - Forum Topics : Quick Access.


Could you be a bit specific…i mean can u tell on what creatures to improve or create ?
I want to increase creatures for dom league…i always stay at top of predator with no spending of db.
Speaking of which, I’m thinking of creating diplosuchus…as i have enough sdna of it and create a second copy of it.

It’s hard to tell your creature ferocity and depth from the creature glossary image.

Also we cant see how much dna you have so we cant suggest what you should make.

But at your point of the game there really is no wrong choice of what to work on just keep adding level 30 to 40 legendaries and level 30 super rare hybrids.

You could grind modded PvP to gain copies of helpful creatures like suchomimus, diplotator and spinoraptor.

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I have almost 12000+ dna

you have to be patient or you will mess up

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I would just continue to save the dna and hatch out everything you gain from PvE if I were you.

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See this is my roster according to ferocity

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thats balanced

Ooooohhh…thanks for dat…but i want to add more creatures to get till dominator…also starting to think of increasing power the same time

Like creating indominus and diplosuchus

Also i would like some experts comment or suggest me new dinos plz
Like @Sionsith , @Aether_12 , @OstaposaurusBae and many more!
So pls feel free to tell me…I’ll be ready for everything

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im an expert too i mean im watching this game for 6 years

Yea i meant everyone above my level is welcome to suggest

Also i guess ur indian
So am i bhailog

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i think you should make diplotator lvl 40 because its food cost is cheap and it is like a trex

accha rahega(it will be good)

Ok bhai
Actually i fused it just now…will be done by tomorrow

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