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Help on team?


im an arena 3 now and arambourgiana is mainly useless now since its the lowest level (7) what to replace with? i have 11 koolasuchus 10 majungasauurs 9 majundasuchus 9 dimetrodon 8 baryonyx gen 2 8 dilophosaurus 8 diplocaulus gen 2 8 koolasuchus gen 2 8 megalosaurus 8 nodosaurus 8 diplocaulus 9 miragaia 8 monolohposaurus gen2 as possible replacements


Post pic, it’s easier


okay just wait a minute



And your team?


my team is a bit underleveled


I would say you need another tank. Can you level your stego to team lvl? That will help you


Maybe koola instead of conca


What does koola have that makes it good? Btw my stego is level 3.


Definitely what @Wilshire1966 said- level up your stego, and in the meantime throw in Koola or maybe even Nodosaurus. I also noticed your team has a fairly low HP overall, which isn’t necessarily an issue but can be if your 4 creatures in a battle are all fast creatures with low health. It probably doesn’t hurt you right now, but keep this in mind later on down the road. Lastly, just remember that a team that meshes well and good strategy will beat being under leveled to some extent. Playing smart is the most important aspect of the arenas. Good luck out there!

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