Help please.. team update


So I wanna remove my raptor from my team… but don’t know what to replace it with…

Thinking maybe postimetrodon?


The thing is why do you wanna remove your raptor?


Pointless Dino now there are so many counters to it… you’ll get off 1 pounce and then more often than not die…
So in my eyes, pointless


Your level 10 and have a decent level team… my guess is that your in arena 5 or 6 which are the higher ones, no do not use postimetridon, in the higher arenas it just gets outclassed. I would go with bary, a tank killer, in your shoes. It just doesn’t seem like you have anything to kill tanks fast and effectively, other than indom, and you can’t just gamble on pulling indom everytime you face an opponent that has a tank.


Gorgesucous is one of the best tank killers in the game now with defence shattering rampage.

I’m saving towards stegodeus (one day)

I’m in arena 7 with 3520trophies

I just don’t feel baryonx has ever won me over, never won me anything if you get me.


Also postimetrodon has defence shattering impact now 1.5 damage… I can get her to level 16.
I just feel she’d do well


I’m in arena 4 with 1851 trophies, so my experience has probably been different than yours. Clearly you’re doing something I’m not doing.