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Help. Please

I’ve been on a serious losing streak. I dropped from 3423 to 3263 in 2 days (matchmaking isn’t helping either. just almost got sweeped by a lvl 21 142 speed velosrhacos). what changes do I make on my team? I know I probably need more resilients and less fierces.

also just unlocked spinonyx and want to put her on my team so who could go for her? (if anyone)

I would switch Rajaklyo for Para Lux

rajakylo is probably the second best dino on my team rn, and paralux is only good for raids

Dodo in. I used dodo in the tournament and killed this. My lvl 16 dodo killed a lvl 27 boosted trex
Screenshot_20210621-010257_JW Alive
Screenshot_20210621-010345_JW Alive


At 3000+ trophies just Lev up your Dinos faster.

It was in revenge, and Thyla probably have already wounded it.

Didn’t use thyla. It swapped trex in when I was using dodo

  • Put in Dodocevia. Flocks are amazing just kind of by default if they have a rally heal.
  • Try looking into Mammotherium. It’s a great resilient creature and goes into Mammolania, one of the best creatures in the game. I’d say switch out Utahsino.
  • Try moving towards Thor as quick as you can, though I already think you might be doing that. Same goes for Indoraptor.
  • Try levelling your Erlikogamma. It’d be a good replacement for Scorpius.

did put cevia in, beating mammo raids whenever they’re around, heading towards thor, in the process of fusing for indo, and will try gamma

Sounds good. Cevia will definitely help if you draw it.

I’d also suggest Acrocanthops.


was also gonna suggest dodocevia. it’ll be your best bet for what you have unlocked so far.

Don’t waste coin/time for indoraptor, it’s bad and not worth it. Instead try for spyx or mag both are really good till shores where mag falls off a bit. For tanks tryko is overall really good or gem if you got the diplo dna and dio is also really solid too. If you want apexes later work on tenrex, tryo, or tuora but tuora is probably the best/easiest raid dino to make and it’s used in basically every strat. few other dinos that are pretty good are Maxi, Skoona, Mrhino, Smilo, Grypo, Mammolania, entelolan.

I hope this helps

might start some controversy here but how is indoraptor bad? its fast, has decent damage, immune to stun, can take down magna, ardentis and a few more higher tier creatures (try it on battle sim if you don’t believe me), and a couple good abilities. a couple boosts and it’s good to go (in my eyes at least)

Because unless it is Thor it tends to get ruined fast.

Spinoconstrictor eats it alive. Ardent and Gemini always go right through it.

Even some of the cunning creature will go right through it.