Help please.


How do I email support? I achieved lvl 10 and wanted to buy the one-time-deal. I got an error and now I can no longer purchase the deal. I would like to if possible.

#2 and send them your support key (click your level and change to settings to see it)

But I doubt they will help with your issue.


They won’t help plus it will take them over a week to reply with a generic response


Unfortunately they won’t do anything. Which is surprising considering you want to spend money… lol


Hey Ske11etor84, I’m sorry that you were not able to purchase the one-time offer, and I can understand that it can be disappointing. Sadly, there is not much our team can really do about that particular offer because they disappear once you leave the game. We usually recommend our players have a valid form of payment connected to their game account so you won’t have to leave the game when trying to buy the offer. However, if you have more information on the error you received when trying to make the purchase, our team could try and help you prevent that error from happening again for the next one-time offer that shows up. Reach out to them here at with your support key and more detail on what happened.