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Help please



Hey Delete_X, thanks for your post! I don’t recommend you sharing your Support Key on the forums, your support key should only be shared with our staff. If you could repost your picture with the Support Key censored out, it would be awesome!

Unfortunately, I’m not quite sure if you are having trouble with your connection, but If you are, these quick troubleshooting steps could help you out.

  1. Do not run any other applications in the background while using Jurassic World Alive.
  2. If you are on a WiFi connection, select your device settings > WiFi, and then tap your network to forget it. Then reconnect to your WiFi network.
  3. Please go to your device’s Settings, and turn off your data connection. Then, turn your connection back on.
    Doing this may stabilize your connection.
  4. Force close the app and then immediately relaunch.

Also, if you could make sure you are on a stable internet connection before launching the game, it could help with the loading. Switching between connections during gameplay could also cause a problem.

If these steps don’t help or if you are having another issue, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key included in the email. They’ll be able to give you further troubleshooting.