Help! Pterovexus or Stygidaryx

Which would you unlock? I have a 100 DNA headstart on Stygidaryx. Oh so hard…

They are both team players, depends if you need to have a more utility dino petro or a more defensive dino stygidax.


I chose Pterovexus but it’s not on team level yet.

Pterovexus for sure, in my opinion. I have Stygidaryx unlocked ,but I’m not really sure how I can incorporate her into my team. :sweat_smile:


Vexus is better

Neither of them is really a big deal and they are far from the best of creatures. I always believed that Pterovexus would end up being if not the best, one of the best creatures in the game and I bet heavily on it but lost. I have over 30,000 Darwin DNAs and none of the unique created … and I don’t think I ever create them anymore.

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I would go with Pterovexus first.

Being Pterosaurs week, I just may bring mine out to play and put the snakes away.

My Team 20200413

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Vexus. I feel stigy is the worst unique in the game. Vexus is just better

Stygi is more fun :slight_smile:

I haven’t got vexus sadly. It’s a bit of a toolbox revenge killer thing. Would be fun to use too I think, but Stygi remains the most underrated dino :slight_smile:

I’ve used Pterovexus from the start

Hmm, Pterovexus is better, but is she worth unlocking to put in the team?

I don’t have Pterovexus, but I use Stygidaryx, and she’s best used when dinos like Monosteg and Utahrinex are in the mix. I like doing things like this:

Stygidaryx —> Monostegotops


Touramoloch —> Stygidaryx —> Monostegotops

Sometimes, I just go back and forth between Stygidaryx and Monosteg for the bleeding/stun hax. Works for dinos like Dioraja.

In my opinion, pterovexus is a bit better due to higher versatility and overall denting. It also has great team play potential, and while not as good as stygidaryx, it can swoop, and swap and stuff like that.

My Stygi is L27 and my Vexus is L25 - neither make the team sadly. One thing to consider is their use in tournaments - Vexus featured quite heavily in the first two of this championship and is likely to be of use in future ones. There were some monsters in the advantage tournament.

Pterovexus is good if you invest in speed boosts. That ensures she has a chance to dish out some additional damage before being dealt out.

Some players have created a very effective Sytgidaryx strategy, however, that involves a lot of back-and-forth swapping.

What you choose is up to you.