Help regarding epic scent usage from the gurus please?

Is there a way to maximize your epic scent based on where and when you put it down or is it entirely random based on your level?

For instance, do you get better odds of getting say Erliko and Kentro if you lay down your scent in Area 1 during the daytime, etc. like they are known to spawn/inhabit?

I have had seemingly mixed results.


Yes putting the scents in area 1 in the daytime should help. And you can get mixed results because its not guaranteed.

From my experience some scents end up bad, some are great, and some are decent.

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Last 3 epic scents in l4 was disastrous. Keep getting at least one global epic spawn. When I’m going to certain local, I don’t want global spawns!

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Also, remember to move while you use scents! That way, two creatures will appear at the same time instead of the usual one. I’m not sure how far away you need to travel, however, so that might take some experimentation…


Also to add, our FAQ here has some more information as well:

I hope this helps! :smiley:

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I find taking them to the middle of nowhere helps where the map is blank. Drop a 5 min scent to check your local then use your epic.

Remember to also stack incubators to get darts

50m is the minimum distance you need to travel to obtain 2 dinos starting with the second spawn time 2 minutes in.


Scents will pull dinos from that local area, the global spawn pool, and the currently active hybrid pursuit Dino. There is a very small chance of a completely random spawn. As far as I’ve seen, the daily migration dinos are not drawn in by scents.