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Help reinstalled lost everything


Help, I have a Galaxy S8 and I had the problem where it kept getting stuck loading at 16/23. After reading the support forum I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now I have lost all my progress and inventory. I just hit level 10 today and also bought the $50 package along with my ongoing monthly subscription.


Do u have your Support Key number? (The number at bottom when game is loading) I’d send that to them. U should always have your account linked to Facebook or google before doing anything :pensive: I hope u get it fixed.


Hey, I have the same problem since yesterday but at 18. Will I lose everything if I delete and reinstall the app ? I have iOS 12.0 and the « Welcome » from Game Center when I try to go on the app, but I’m scared of losing everything…


Hey Leif_Epperson, was your game linked to any of your accounts such as Facebook or Google Play store? If your game was linked, you should be able to get back onto it by reconnecting again to the correct account in the game through the main menu or the in-game Player Profile > Settings menu. If you’re still having issues, contact our team here at with the support key from your old game, and they’ll be able to assist you. If you don’t remember your old support key, our team might be able to find you if you give them your gamertag and in-game name. Also, providing your purchase information would be helpful as well.


Hey Annaline_Mosimann, to be safe, link your game to your Facebook account if possible and make sure that you have your support key written down. However, before reinstalling, try switching the time zone setting on your device to one that is based in North America like New York or Toronto and see if that helps with the loading.


Thanks, it worked ! But I am supposed do to that everytime I want to play ? Should I send a message to someone to fix this ?


Hey Annaline_Mosimann, I’m glad that it worked! You shouldn’t have to do this again if it’s working now. Does it get stuck on the loading screen again if you try switching your time zone back to your original one? Our team is still investigating to see what the issue could be but feel free to contact them here at with your support key and information to assist them. Many times, these type of errors are caused by the connection and trying some of the troubleshooting steps here could help as well: Stuck on loaded screen of game?


Yes, it get stuck on the loading screen again if I try switching my time zone back to the right one. (The app bug also if I don’t completly close it and try to change my time zone).