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Help! Stuck in badlands


Can anybody give me a advice on my team?


Swap rex g2 with suchotator

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You seem a bit tank heavy and I don’t see a raptor, which might add some speed and kill power to your team. Jmho

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Thanks a lot !


Thanks a lot bro!


Perpaps I‘d also replace Sino by Alanqa as better raptor and Indominus counter.
I‘ve used Alanqa many many times and she‘s been a valuable teammember until I reached Lockdown.
Never used Sino tho. Instead, I lvled her up to 15 and used her for all hybrids.


And I would recommend getting Ankycolocodon and lvl her up. In lower areas, she can be a real pain in the *** cuz she‘s immune, armored, can bite thru armor, has shield and can also slow down.
I battled with her a lot, great thing against raptors and distractioners (lol) and can also outplay low lvl Indominus due to shield.

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While I cannot dispute GermanRaptor’s words. People will hate you in battle, rage quit and come to the forums and cry if you use Ankycolocodon.

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That will depend on your grasp of the Dino’s. I find that the toughest part and what sets the tone for the rest of the match, is what you pick to start with.

So play around with your team and find what works for you.

You may lose a lot, but losing in this game should make you stronger not angrier. And when you hit the ceiling for your current group, come back here and get advice from another bag of wind.

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