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Help thread: Have you ever contemplated the fact


…you aren’t good at this game. You can’t counter Tryko, DC, Dilorach, or Thor or other dinos folks that face them every day can? Maybe it’s you and not this game.

So this thread is to help you not stink at this game and to catch up on how to counter good Dinos you can’t beat. Feel free to ask below how to get past whatever


We should start with DC. With outliers possibly coming stats wise DC will be critical to keep opponents honest, thank goodness. Without DC things could get out of hand. The only downside is good players can counter any DC play well. The upside is many are too lazy to fry to counter the DC meta. The best game is when the opponent lets the counter tick low after you use a DC…this means they are a team of morals so go ahead and trash can them they’ve told you they don’t run DC.

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I’ll make it simple:

Best counters: Tryostronix, Thoraldolosaur
Decent counters: Tenontrorex, Indoraptor, Suchotator
Acceptable counters: Spinotasuchus

Best counters: rinex, utasino, dilorach, magna
Decent counters: suchotator, tenontorex
Acceptable counters: spinotasuchus

Dilorach: (assuming a heads up battle)
Best counters: magna, Erlidom, tourmaloch, stegocera/monosteg
Decent counters: tradodistis, stegod, giga
*insert DC whenever

Best counters: Erlidom, Thor, spinotasuchus (CI), dioraja (1.6)
Decent counters: indoraptor, Tryostronix

There ya go. If anyone still calls for nerfs or feels one Dino is too “OP” after putting the appropriate counters on their team … then I agree with @JHVS… it’s not the dinos that are weak.
Hope this helps.


*above list will be edited/updated accordingly


Wow. That’s a terrific list Hersh! If anyone has questions about how to use these dinos I hope they ask in this thread.

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How do you counter Apatosaurus.

Nah in reality, how do you counter Spinotahsuchus? I struggle against it, I can’t seem to slow it cause it’ll bleed my Stegod, I can’t seem to use immunities against it cause it just swoops away.

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Well there is no Apto counter. But we can counter other dinos with a bit of luck.


That’s actually a really good question @MyFishDrowned
Spinota is a tough one.

Immunes are the obvious choice, but they do have to be decently leveled. Most Immune hybrids are lower on the HP spectrum and Spinota can do a fair bit of turn one damage with CI.
Indo has a 50-50 chance if you predict the opponent right (this’ll take experience/guesswork/RNG). Stegod (+2 levels) will bring it down with thago/rampage. Stegocera/monosteg are fair play. Also consider rampage and run w/ dilorach and rinex (1.7).
In the end though … lethal wound was named that way for a reason. Either kill spinota and die in the process or swap out.

If you ask me the same question next week, I’ll add ardontosaur to the list :wink:


Fantastic list, spot on should pin this for any future nerf so and so complaints. I would just change Tenotorex as a best counter to tryko, tenotorex destroys trykos. And add monosteg to best counters for dilorach along with stegocera. If stun hits monosteg within 2 levels and no crits will beat dilo.


I don’t know that I will ever create Erlidom let alone get it to team level and I used to think Spinota was the reason I found battling less fun, but as time passed I learned countering Erli takes the cake .

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The trick isn’t just how to counter the strongest dinos… but having a good team that is able to handle them in different situations, doesn’t matter which of your dinos are selected. For example, I had only three dinos that could deal with Trykos. After the Tryko horde arrived, if I wasn’t lucky enough to have at least one of them in my team (and not let it be killed before Tryko showed up), it was game over… So I had to make some changes… And today I have four that can take Tryko down, one that can struggle with luck and mind games (Indo) and a Draco, that can do what Draco does… That was enough to make my life way easier.

That being said, I don’t think people who have problems with those tyrants inevitably “stink”… they just might not have been able to make better dinos yet and are still working on their team. It’s a whole different reality when you start seeing uniques everywhere and your team, that has been working perfectly, suddenly starts to get easily mauled. So I prefer to take it easy on them. They’ll catch up.


I completely agree!
Building a well balanced and competitive team takes patience and determination.
It’s also important to keep in mind what dinos are popular in the meta and design a team that at least somewhat reflects countering them.


This is what any great strategic PvP game should be all about. The problem with this game is that shifting gears to adapt to a new meta takes way too much time and resources. Keeping the meta fresh by shifting balance is key to successful PvP games, but the attachments created by the time dinos are at useful levels in this game make doing so a crushing blow to the player base. I’ve said it for a long time, and I’ll say it again, allow players to be partially compensated for devolving dinos would make team building a much more dynamic process.



Another dinosaur I struggle against is, Monomimus, now I know this sounds crazy, but i usually face level 19-20 Monomimus and my only Nullifier is Suchotator, at level 19, my other Nullifiers are Monostego Level 16, Monomimus Level 16 and Procerathomimus at level 17. Monomimus usually takes out 1 dino and injures the second before i can take it down.


Give it a week … you’ll be just fine :sweat_smile:


Tany is a good counter for Monomimus. Or just use tanks and try to keep hitting it while you take damage… That Procerato of yours is a great counter too

For Spinota, Hersh gave excelent tips, but if those Uniques are out of reach, try taking advantage of the sweep. If you have a tank on the field, you can be sure it will sweep on second turn, so swap to an immune to fight the next dino that comes in. And game on.


I think proceratom is a decent counter for spinotah with those distracting moves.


Agreed distracting crit impact leaves spinotah needing a swoop.


How do you counter a lvl30 magna using regular endgame uniques? Or dinos that are commonly agreed they shall not be nerfed to trash?


Do you run any tanks? I know many have abandoned them altogether.