Help to get DNA

First, thanks to the community here online and Ludia for making this forum available: the advice you guys have offered for everything from PvP to Code 19s to tournaments have been invaluable for advancing.

Next question: what are the best ways to gather DNA (regular DNA)? I finally got the Indominus unlocked, but at 29k and some change DNA a pop, it’s going to be a while before I can unlock the Indoraptor.

Here’s what I’m doing so far:

  • Trading for DNA in the trade harbor

  • Daily packs, daily PvE battles

  • Beating up bosses at special events

What else am I missing? My backlog of dino cards in the market is getting pretty big; I suppose I could hatch some of the rares I already have at level 40 and sell those dinos.

Thanks in advance for the help.

When you do the “PvP” battles, what level are you doing them at? Elite will give you the best chance at getting more DNA, I have a set of creatures that I use for the daily pack battles so that each of the battles I do gets classified as elite on the prize wheel, and I always do the second spin.

Trade Harbor I always trade for DNA except vip points or cash, i will also trade creatures that I am not currently working on that are legendaries (not tournament) in the customizable trades. I generally do these for cash or vip points but you could also do these for DNA.

The world boss events are a good opportunity for DNA if you complete all of the missions.

I generally don’t sell my hatched dinosaurs but I have started hatching some and not feeding them and once their paddock is full it will start to auto sell them after hatching but these are all common dinosaurs and since I have finished all of the missions I am currently not worried about making sure I have a certain number of dinos at a certain level to pass any of them. If Ludia ever adds more levels I might have to change this strategy.

Out side of these it’s just grind grind grind in PvP mode and hope for the best on the prize wheel.


Yeah, I was afraid “grind grind grind” might be the answer. I do PvP a good bit, but I always seem to win coins or 14,000 food (oh, yay). I use the highest available dinosaurs possible (I save some for the daily events) so I get the elite wheel. Once in a while I get lucky and get 725 or 375 DNA, but it’s usually the annoying 28k coins or 14k food. Oh, well.

Many of my rare dinosaurs are getting to the point where I have two or more level 40s, so I may start selling those hatched dinosaurs anyway since they’re not doing me any good (I don’t need them for PvP, and I’m usually maxed out on coins unless I get a really lucky good trade offer in the harbor).

Thanks for the advice; it’s always welcomed! For reference, I still am working through the campaign mission; I’m at the one now where Gray & Zach have found the pay phone and are digging in the fossil pit (a little weird story-wise, but these building games have to do what they can to make a “story” out of world-building).

From experience, spinning the wheel at elite level doesn’t necessarily yield better prizes.
I’ve gotten better prizes from intermediate, advanced or even novice level wheel spins.
The ultimate prize is the pack with that polar-bear-like creature on it.
Oftentimes, there’ll be about 2,500 dna cards, sometimes 2 or 3 in a row.
And to save on dna, buy dinos during sales when they’re 15-20% off.
Fighting in pvps often didn’t occur to me until about 2 months in.
But yeah, as Sionsith said, that’s the way to go.

With the new storage option on buildings, you can build them to use up coins and then store them after. You then might get trade options for them in the trade harbor for other resources, I am not sure if replacing them on the map after storage will count for mission objectives, it should for the ones that say “have x number of (insert building name)” just not sure if it will count for the “purchase and place x number of (insert building name)”. You will also get small amounts of exp if you are not already at lvl 75.

If you are still having issues spending coin I almost always do the custom trades with coin for either Cenozoic or aquatic creatures this will usually do 20k-60k coins a trade. Not sure if this is based on which creatures you have unlocked or not.

So I’ve discovered a good way to grind for DNA.

If you click on the DNA currency (top left), you’ll get a screen telling you how much S-DNA you have, and where you can click on a “Get It For Free” movie button for regular DNA. You watch a commercial (15-30 seconds) and get 10 DNA. Lather, rinse, repeat. Still a “farming” technique, but it beats grinding at PvP for maybe 100 DNA or 14K coins.